Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Hassan Khan, the latest sensation to break through on the forum of Pakistani Music. For all of its brilliant talent, Hassan Khan represents yet another facet to the audible. His energy and powerful rhythm provides another adrenaline boost to our industry, and serves to remind the world that our nation will never lack in talent and creativity.

" The inception of Hassanís singing career was in 2005. Inspired by the classic maestros of the Pakistani modern genre such as Nazia & Zohaib Hassan, Vital Signs, and Junoon, Hassan decided to take up this primarily intrinsic and personal practice to the mainstream. Encouraged by his peers, Hassanís first revelation to an audience occurred at a battle of the bands competition at a local university. Regardless of the fact that it occurred by chance, it was all Hassan needed to convince the world that he could perform on a bigger stage, and in a bigger spotlight.

Initially, Hassanís supporting cast combined to form The Soul Band. After performing in smaller forums for a few years, in 2010 Hassan decided to launch himself as a Solo Artist by releasing ďTu Hai KahanĒ. The track, which possesses a solid level of energy and resonates with powerful chords of passion, has earned popularity throughout various circles in our nation, and has even been a popular download abroad.